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4 x 1 HDMI Switch

The HDM-SW-0401 provides easy switching among 4 HDMI sources to
your high definition display including HDMI equipped or DVI enabled
monitors. Full digital and high quality video/audio from any of these 4
sources can perfectly be transmitted to the connected high definition monitor
via IR remote control or front panel button. With HDCP support, up to four
HDMI/DVI sources such as PS3, DVD players, camcorders, or set-top boxes
can seamlessly & simultaneously connected to this HDM-SW-0401.
The HDM-SW-0401 has 4 input HDMI definition receptacle connectors
and 1 output HDMI definition receptacle connector. Users simply connect all
the HDMI/DVI sources to the inputs of HDM-SW-0401, and then connect
HDMI/DVI equipped display system on the output port. Via IR remote control
or front panel button, users can select which source they would like to be
displayed. Auto-scan function provides quick surf on the connected sources
sequentially and auto-detection function makes the device automatically
switch to the first working source among 4 channels at power on. Extra
superior equalization functions on input ports and pre-emphasis on output
ports provide users the most adaptive way to improve the transmission

How it works